The Engine of Eternity

The Nightmare Switch

Data 001

NightmareDome.jpgThe party consists of:
Marquoto, a graceful Jack who explores dark places
Satha, a Clever Glaive who masters weaponry
Dantos, a Mystical Nano who commands mental powers

The party has been assisting Deymish, a captain of a skiff that navigates the canal system in Sesharr. Stopping in Redstone to deliver medicine to combat strange sleepless nights plagued with unexplained dreams, the party finds the Clave not accepting visitors. Tricking the guard at night, the group makes their way into the tower to find it deserted – it appears that the priests left and headed into the desert. In the desert, the party discovers signs of pitched battle outside of a strange dome. Inside the dome, there is a greenhouse teeming with life, as well as a melted control rod – the priests are nowhere to be found, however. This control rod matches a more detailed dream that Satha had upon arriving in the village. Following the tracks of the marauders, the party finds an abhuman outrider acting as a vanguard for a larger group. After slaying the creature, Marquoto uses a suppository that allows him to speak with the recently departed. Continuing, the group discovers a camp of abhumans a few hours ride from the dome – a pitched battle ensues, and the group recovers a device that matches the destroyed control rod, as well as an artifact that is able to shoot bolts of lightning.
Returning to the dome, Satha repairs the device. The party returns to Redstone, and boards the skiff to continue their travels



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