The Engine of Eternity

The Vortex, Part One

Data 002

The party consists of:
Marquoto, a graceful Jack who explores dark places
Satha, a Clever Glaive who masters weaponry
Dantos, a Mystical Nano who commands mental powers

Deymish, the skiff captain, has sent the party to a remote village called Jutte to retrieve an engine coil for his ship. The party reaches Jutte to find it a sleepy village of less than 200 people – however the contact that Deymish had the party seek appears to have left the village a few years ago. Dantos is convinced into purchasing a ruined portion of tubing for 10 shins, believing it to be a phase weapon “from the spirits.” Seeking the elder, Graelle, the party discovers that two bizarre events have occurred recently – first, there is a strange creature living in the lake, and second, a group of robed people came to town recently to buy supplies and then leave.
Curious about the lake, the group goes to the shore only to be attacked by a strange beast that manipulates severed head on 4 silvery tendrils while it attempts to crush Marquoto with a pair of claws. Satha makes quick work of the beast. The party heads further away from Jutte and discovers a strange object in a stream bed surrounded by dead animals. As they are investigating it, the group of robed figures arrives and are not interested in conversing with the party. Marquoto applies a strange, stinky, salve and charms a female member of the cult, but they are allowed to perform their ritual – sending them inside the structure, which quickly vanishes a few minutes later. But, a pack seems to have been left behind – inside, a map and notebook is found detailing the spots where the structure will appear. The next location is nearby to the parties location, and will appear in ten days. The party heads to this designated spot and is surprised to see a strange woman, emaciated and scared, leave the structure and beg assistance for her sister. The group takes her control rod and enters the structure, only to find an enormous elevator. Descending, the group moves through a path of oddities and trinkets, religious offerings and candles. Using a dissolution paste, the group breaches a massive door and finds themselves in a chamber…complete with living quarters.



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